Friday, March 9, 2012

3 5 to 3 11

tues 8 went really slow due to sore quads and bad blisters on my toes
weds 6 even more sore, alot of raw skin from where the blisters ripped open. i shut it down early due to not enjoying what i was doing.
thurs got acupuncture again, hopefully i wont need it for another 3 years
fri 14 this was a really good run. I didnt have any soreness and I was able to run a lot faster than expected.
sat 18 with sontag and rocko. i felt really good again. everything about this run was great. i felt strong on the climbs. i think its safe to say im recovered from the 50k. it happened way faster than i thought it would, so thats cool.
sun 7 i was tired

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