Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3 26 to 4 1

mon 11+ in 1:17 felt good and was moving at a decent pace for most of the run
tues 10+ easy pace, really sore in my bones and joints, time for some new kicks
weds 10 found some shoes with a few miles left in them and felt better. at least my legs anyway. had some major bathroom issues while trying to workout. i wanted to do at least 6x800 but i had to run to the woods multiple times so i only got 4 done by the time everyone was ready to cooldown. 248,243,240,240. not bad considering what i was up against. i would've liked to do more but oh well. when i got home i wasnt really tired so i got in a solid upper body workout. i usually dont like that stuff but this time i didnt mind it. maybe if i can get into a routine itll make my back pain go away. its been tough to sleep most nights the last month or so because of how tight it always is.
thurs 12 felt ok, almost felt good, but theres these things called hills, so other than that i felt fine. we went bowling after and replaced chromium and crushed a pizza. i bowled really bad but it was still a lot of fun.
sat 13 fast friends 4.5 mi road race. this race is accurately named. all of my friends ran fast, and i did not. unlike past disappointments, im fine with it. the good news is that i ran as hard as i could. i battled with larry for over 3 miles. we changed leads 3 times in the last mile(by leads, i mean 12th and 13). i managed to hold him off, but not by much. so even though I was over a minute slower (28:24) than my best time on that course (26:59), im ok with it. hanging out at andys house after was a lot of fun.
sun 22 easy miles, felt really good today. i wanted to run more but i couldnt feel my fingers cuz it rained the whole time and my gloves were soaked, so i went home. i couldve easily gone for another hour. being able to do an easy 22 makes me feel a lot better about being slow. for those of you who are lazy at math, 79 miles for the week.


  1. Yo since your phone sucks. Are you doing Andy's race this weekend?

  2. Thanks for the math. Great week Boj. Keep it up! Hopefully see ya soon.