Monday, March 19, 2012

3 19 to 3 25

mon 7 i wasnt sore at all, but holy $&@! was i tired. i headed out to the trails where no one would see how slow i was going. i tried to focus on enjoying being out in the woods alone. it helped a little. tomorrow i should feel better. hopefully ill feel good enough to workout weds. finding out which track to go to could be an issue since my phone still has no service.
tues 4 didnt feel any better so i decided to bag and let my body get the most recovery possible so i could give myself a chance at workout that would might be of some value.
weds 9 managed a decent workout despite still feeling like a bag of mashed up asshole. did 4x800 expecting a big time struggle to hit 6 min pace. by the end of it i felt ok, which the times clearly indicate (smart person word). 251,247,243,236. not bad. ill take it.
thurs 18 athens lookout w hammett ferenc and wolves. tough run- duh. theres no such thing as an easy run in saxtons river.
sat 12 took it easy, legs felt a bit tired but not bad. not sure what im doin tomorrow, all i know is itll be a hard effort.
sun i spoke too soon. after the worst night of sleep of my life tossing and turning for about 6 hours and sleeping for maybe 2, i spent most of the day with my eyes nearly closed. that included the time i was attempting to run. i ran fast but felt like i was sleeping the whole time. it was weird. i did 5 in 30 min and decided that it was enough. after that i went back dragging myself around the house the rest of the day. super disappointing. oh well. i smell.

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