Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3 12 to 3 18

mon 13 with ferenc, i felt the worst ive felt since the day after the 50k. maybe i did too much friday and saturday. at least it was a great day out, or at least we expected it to be. it was 68 degrees when we drove to the parking spot, but somehow the temp during the run was only about 45, and we were cold. hunger was also an issue but we took care of that by crushing 55 wings between the two of us. i also replaced my chromium in a big way.
weds 14 tempo 1:29 felt good today, except for when i had to stop to piss out my ass. ran out of tp and had to use moss and grass. yuck. good thing i was on the railbed instead of at the track. also, came up one line short of getting 600k. i gambled by going for a tetris on level 19 and it didnt happen.
thurs 9 as expected, i was sore, tired, and slow. still not sure if im gonna do the new bedford half. i know ill feel fine by sunday, and i think i can run a decent time, maybe under 1:20. im just not sure if i want to spend most of the day in the car. i guess ill decide tomorrow. side note- if anyone has been trying to get a hold of me, im not ignoring you. my phone has had no service for about 24 hours and i have no idea why. this also might be a factor in whether or not i do the race. if i cant get a hold of anyone, ill have to go solo. i dont mind driving, itll just be boring not going with anyone. damn technology.
fri 9 felt way better than yesterday
sun 27 just felt like running for a long time. i felt really good today. i did the first 13 on the trails, then stopped at home to get some water. it was kinda hot out. then ran on the railbed with the idea that id do 10 more. ended up doing 14 more in 1:33. i feel pleased.


  1. Well done on the wings and chromium!

  2. Boj, nice long run Sunday. I appreciate bagging a road race for a solo long trail run. Well done.

  3. damn dude killing it sunday!!! a bit of forest gump?