Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8 27 to 9 2

mon easy 5, wings, chromium
tues 34 in pisgah 4:47 super humid but still a lot of fun. saw a black bear 2 hours into it. i was kind of slogging along and not feeling great, but seeing that bear gave me the shot of adrenaline i needed to get my pace back to where it was supposed to be. greg met me out there at the 3 hour mark with snacks and water, then ran kilburn with me. helped a ton. im definitely not as fast as last time i did the 50k, but at least im better prepared. last time i had one long run of 3:43. this time i have a lot more (3:25, 3:39, 4:01, 4:47) so i should be able avoid dying a horrible death with 5 miles left. i was so worked after, to the point where i could only get one chromium replacement beverage down. tomorrow could be one of those mornings where im afraid to get out of bed cuz i dont want to find out how sore i am. but itll be well worth it.
weds 3 did the cooldown with the weds workout crew. felt really good
thurs am 7, pm 8 still feeling good. najem kicked my ass at bowling. we decided to keep track of all the games every week. results: me- 169,178,148,178,135. naj- 153,213,158,221,159. total pins: me- 808, naj 904. best 3 consecutive game total: me- 504, naj- 592. games won: me- 1, naj- 4. averages: me- 161.6, naj 180.8 dickout gutterballs: 1 each. not the way i wanted to start off. it would be easy to blame my poor showing on high levels of chromium, but ive had good nights under the same conditions, so its no excuse. he had a great night and i didnt. i guess the good news i cant really do much worse, and it was still fun despite getting my ass handed to me.
fri am 8, pm 8
sat 10 watched the ksc alumni race, had lot of fun hanging out after.
sun 18
total miles- 101. my 2nd highest ever. total august miles- 354. my highest month ever. the hay is in the barn. now that the 50k is only two weeks away, i can start backing off on the miles and go into the race with rested legs.