Thursday, December 6, 2012

12 3 to 12 9

mon easy 5, wings, chromium.
tues 8 broke out the headlamp. stonewall farm trails at night. fun run, really hot out. almost 50 degrees. kind of hard to see cuz of the fog and mist. wicked sore, not sure why since i took it easy yesterday.
thurs 13 did the 6-5-4-3-2-1 workout again, 3 sets, all in the dark. the soreness was dulled by a lot of advil. im starting to like running at night. ran the same route a few weeks ago and i was faster this time. i ran the 1 min recoveries quicker. i didnt think i was faster on the repeats but it turns out that i was. last time i ran an 800 during the 4 min on the 3rd set in 319, and this time i was 304, also late in the 3rd set. i was not close to all out so i was pleased when i saw how much faster i was. i felt good that i was able to run a solid time when i was over 10 miles into the workout. i wish i felt that good about my bowling. i had an off night. i couldnt get a consistent release and only averaged 171. naj crushed the first game (255, 7 strikes in a row) and i couldnt get out of the hole. i didnt think it was possible to roll a 197 and lose by 58. he made up 76 pins tonight. im still up 199, but it doesnt feel like it. i know what i did wrong and i know i can fix it, so im already looking forward to having a good night next week.
sun 18 tough run with ferenc and goup. wouldve been easier but yesterdays hermathon had me tired before it even started.

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