Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10 29 to 11 4

mon 7 with sontag and rocko. we got out of the woods just in time. the wind started picking up the last 2 miles and there were branches coming down and trees creaking everywhere. all we wanted to do was get out of there but rocko wouldnt stop chasing deer and turkeys. eventually he stopped being naughty and we got it done. i was tired from yesterday but it was still a good run. no school today or tomorrow. chromium flows like wine.
tues 0 hadnt taken a day off in a while. did 100 pushups and 100 dips.
weds 15 ate a ton of oreos and cupcakes at school. had a wicked stomach ache all afternoon. it took forever to go away so i had to run in the dark. still got a good run in. i did 2 sets of pickups (6 min, 5,4,3,2,1) with a minute jog in between each one. i was looking to run fast but in control. i was able to do that while getting faster each time. no clue what the pace was, but i dont care. the effort was good.
thurs 0 calf was wicked sore, but at least it didnt affect my bowling. i had my most consistent night ever and made about 90% of my spares (181,193,186,181,191). the only problem was that naj had his best night ever (182,210,202,192,156). its a good thing i had a solid night, or else id have lost way more than 10 pins.
fri 9 ran home from school cuz my car is dead in the school parking lot. we had an xc meet so i didnt get to start running until 545. it was almost dark and really hard to see the trail. good thing i knew where i was going.
sat 15 sap lines 13 with hammett and ferencs wolves. had a great run, got my best time by 4 min (127). it was the first time i finished it without being reduced to walking. i felt really good, so we cranked the last mile in 603. hammett showed no signs of fatigue, even tho he already ran 9 in the morning. i added on 2 miles after. good hangout after. on the drive home i was convinced to run lil rhody runaround. until then, i had no desire to do it but he presented a rock solid argument that i couldnt beat. it doesnt matter if ill never run 47 min again. what matters ill be there with a ton of people that i care about. disgustingly mushy (let me take a second to vomit), but he is right. i need to be there.
sun 5 calf was really sore. other than that, i felt ok.


  1. Gotta do Li'l Rhody man!! How could you NOT do it?!?!?

  2. Boj your a staple of the race, awful analogy, but still wouldn't be the same without you there.