Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12 17 to 12 23

monday 0 really needed it
tues 10 with rocko. 4 sets of 5 doorway pullups. in case any one was wondering, its the same doorway that broke away from the wall when chirp was doing pullups on it a few years ago, causing him to fall flat on his back. it seems to be fixed but i still wont be using it to do any L pullups like we did last time.
weds 11 at drummer hill 8x4, 4x2. wasnt too happy with times in the high 80s and high 30s. i was getting super discouraged with how slow i was and felt like quitting, but quitting wont get me faster so i finished the workout.
thurs 0 wicked sick, flu, sinus infection, didnt go to work, didnt even bowl. thats when i knew i was really sick.
sat 9 at the mini meet. i was still feeling horrible but i ran anyway. 519/231

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