Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2 25 to 3 3

mon 100 pushups, 600 crunches, dips
tues 12 miles, 250p, 300c, pullups 6 sets of 10, curls
weds 100p, 600c, dips
thurs 8 miles, 150p, 200c, dips
fri 200c, dips
sat 5 miles, 400p, 300c
sun 13 miles, 300c
totals 38 miles, 1000 pushups, 2500 crunches


  1. sat- 5 minutes of raking leaves
    sun-30 minutes of raking leaves

  2. ahahahaha!!!!!! one additional detail was that i didnt have a rake. if we didnt find those keys it wouldve been like one of those direct tv commerials- losing your keys in the woods over two hours from home is worse than a hawk stealing your chihuahua while a dentist sneezes into your mouth after a snapping turtle gnaws off your index finger.