Sunday, September 15, 2013

9 9 to 9 15

mon 12 miles (railbed 10 in 63) did not expect this. def did not expect to knock out a 540 last mile. i thought id feel tired from the 20 miler 2 days ago but it went away after about 2 miles and i started feeling good. 100p 300c went easy cuz my upper body was tired from lifting a lot last week.
tues 200p 700c dips
weds 300p 1000c pullups 5x12
thurs 200p 700c curls
fri 4 miles 200p 600c incline bench
sat 12 miles planned on 3x1500 on the railbed. faster than last time on the first 2 (531 501) but that was the end of it. hamstring was tight and getting worse as i went faster so i shut it down and ran some trails. really wanted to finish the workout but i did the right thing.
sun 6 miles 300p 600c pullups 4x15
34 miles 1300p 3900c

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