Sunday, April 28, 2013

4 22 to 4 28

mon 5 miles, 200p, 600c
tues 7.5 miles, 200p, 600c, dips
weds 500p, 800c,
thurs 7.5 miles, 300c, dips
fri 8 miles, 200p, 500c
sat 400p, 800c, dips
sun 100p, 400c
totals 28 miles, 1600p, 4000c
running was fun this week. hope it stays that way.

4 15 to 4 21

mon 200p, 500c, doorway pullups (cut the rest down to 1 min between sets 5,5,5,5,5,5,12,5,5,5,5,5,5,10,5,5,8) 100 total. the 5s were to easy, but the idea was good. i think ill try 7 next time to make it harder
tues 200p, 500c, dips, curls
weds 10 miles, 200p, 500c, rows
thurs 200p, 500c, incline bench, shrugs
fri 3 miles easy workout at practice (2 300s in 59 and 12 100s in about 16), 200p, 500c. felt good to run faster.
sat 10 miles, 400p, 10x10 pullups
sun 100p, 500c, dips
totals 23 miles, 1500p, 3000c

Monday, April 15, 2013

4 8 to 4 14

mon 200p, 500c, doorway pullups 6x12, rows 5x12
tues 150p, 400c, dips
weds 200p, 600c, incline bench
thurs 150p, 500c, curls
fri 400p, 700c, dips 6x25
sat 5 miles, 150p, 500c
sun 150p, 400c, inline bench, shrugs
totals 1400p, 3600c. good week of lifting.

Monday, April 8, 2013

4 1 to 4 7

mon 8 miles, wings, 150p, 500c, doorway pullups 5x10
tues 150p, 500c, incline bench 8x12, dips 5x25
weds 150p, 500p, curls 5x12
thurs 200p, 500c, doorway pullups 15,15,13,13,12, shrugs 5x20
fri 200p, 500c, curls 5x12, dips 5x25
sat 250p, 300c, played hoops
sun 200p, 400c
totals 1300p, 3200c

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

3 25 to 3 31

mon 150p, 400c
tues 8 miles, 150p, 400c, dips 5 sets
weds 150p, 400c, doorway pullups 12,13,13,12,11, rows, curls
thurs 5 miles w/ sontag and rocko, 150p, 400c, incline bench
fri 150p, 400c, curls, dips
sat 7 miles
sun 100p, 200c
took an easy weekend of lifting. i figured i deserve it after not missing a day in about a month. totals 20 miles, 850p, 2200c.