Monday, June 22, 2015

6 15 to 6 21

mon 5 miles took an s-load of advil so i could run. it hurt but its not a bone bruise. it was only sore cuz all the cuts were splitting open every time i bent my knee. i should be fine. i was able to bowl after taking even more advil. the wrist still didn't feel good and got worse as the night went on, as the scores indicate (238 181 148). cant lift weights cuz the range of motion is terrible.

weds 5 miles knee is going to be fine. a lot of these 4 and 5 mile runs have been with a kid on my team. the dude can really run. i don't have to slow down for him at all. i would probably lose to him in an 800 (kid ran 2:20 a few weeks ago). bowling was not good (196 179 186) but not a disaster either. wrist is getting better but still really sore.

thurs 4 miles solo 25:35 really tired but still ran kinda fast

fri 10 miles with sontag and rocko 1:17

sat bowling tournament, the team of me and this guy mike (not al-t) won it. we also won it last month. fun.

sun had time to run but decided to play wiffle and guitars for about 4 hours each. wrist is getting better. cant get into pushup position yet, but its close. not being able to lift might be what i need to get back into it.

24 miles this week

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