Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6 8 to 6 14

tues 15 miles, 10 of it with sontag and rocko. still sore from the race
weds bowling 629 series (183 212 234) sore elbow the first game, then the chromium kicked in
thurs 8 miles, 75p 250c have to get back to lifting whether i like or not
fri 4 miles, felt tired
sun 4 miles, wiped out and crashed into rocks again. hit my knee, hand and shoulder on some rocks. i decided not to take a chance and walked back to the car. the only good thing was on the way back i came across a kid i coached back in '06. he was fishing and maintaining his chromium levels. the dude just graduated college this year which made me feel old but still great to see him. as for how injured i might be, i have to wait til morning. i went to bed in a lot of pain. 31 miles this week.


  1. I love this blog! Thanks for bringing it back.

  2. no prob I guess its not as boring as I thought