Wednesday, June 10, 2015

8/31/14 to 6/7/15

sept- started getting in decent shape, won a race.

oct- had some good efforts, a lot hard 10 milers, no track workouts

nov- ran 10 mi in 62. that was as good as it got. wiped out on the trails and banged my knee on a rock. knew it would be a bone bruise. took a few weeks off, but it wasn't enough.

dec to feb-  once i started coaching hoops i ran about 5 times during the winter. just didn't feel like it. kept lifting a lot but was getting bored with it.

march- totally bored with lifting, not doing much of it. started running with 3 miler just under 24min. it was not easy. ran 9 times, total of 33 miles. improved to running 3 miles in 19 min. really enjoyed what i was doing. got a lot faster even though i wasn't running a lot. i was also starting to get better at bowling. got a new ball and it made a big difference.

april- ran 15 times, 90 miles. best runs were 5mi in 33 and 7 in 46. we won the bowling league, won some $$$$. average was up to 192 the last 2 months.

may- ran 4 days a week, 121 miles. best run was 10mi in 67.

6/1 to 6/7 ran 32 miles. best runs were 10 on the railbed in 64:40 and the westmoreland 4 mile race (got 3rd 24:56  really tough course, my 2nd best time.)


  1. Wait! What is this? BOJO updated the blog?

  2. yup im back. chirp it hasn't been bojo since '05 which is like 4 years before we were friends.

  3. That's how it is in my phone that's how it will stay BOJO