Sunday, September 20, 2015

9 14 to 9 20

mon 100p 300c did some pullups on the playground thing at school.

tues 100p, 10 miles 69:44. legs felt good. stepped on a rock, which hurt a lot. it kept getting worse but i had to run on it to get out of the woods before dark.

weds 4 miles at practice with the kid 29 min. foot was worse than yesterday, but the pace was really easy for both of us. big time challenge for him on friday against a kid who has a good shot a winning the state meet. my guy beats him easily in the 800 but over two miles the other kid has the advantage.

thurs did about a mile at practice. foot is still sore just walking around. no way im running on it tomorrow. need to let it get a little better so i can race on saturday. i would skip the race but i won it last year (nobody fast showed up) so i have to at least try to win it again. i think i was in better shape last year though. pullups 10 10 10s

fri lazy today. the kid had a good race. he was 9 sec down at the mile and looked good, but the other kid was stronger on the 2nd mile and won by 33 sec with a course record. last friday my guy finished 49 seconds back against that same kid. oh yeah, you probably want to know the times. 1220 and 1253. the course isnt fast. theyre probly going to be around 1050 and 1120 on the flat courses in keene.

sat am 4 did a 5k that i won last year. its only a matter of time before the fast guys find out about small races with prize money. today was the day they found out about this one. i could tell after about 30 sec that i had no shot. motivation gone. i ran hard but not race effort hard. 1938 on a hard course. i figure im in 1840s shape. i guess its not bad considering i haven't been training very hard.
pm 6 stonewall farm trails. felt pretty good.

sun 7 with the kid. i dont think he has an off switch. when i got there he was on the roof pulling off shingles. then we ran. as soon we were done he ate a clif bar and then went back to work on the roof. i went home to sit and watch football. in the summer he would stack hay bales all day after we ran. i usually went home and watched tv.

32 miles this week. need to do more pushups and crunches

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