Sunday, September 13, 2015

9 7 to 9 13

tues 4 miles at practice. foot was ok. wanted to run more but i was smart for once and didn't push it.

weds 2 miles at practice. haven't been working out much. working on the xc trail every day is probly good enough for this week.

fri foot feels good. now i can run a 5k tomorrow that ive been wanting to do. wanted to be in better shape for it, but ill just run hard and try to feel good about the effort.

sat woke up with a pulled hamstring. no clue why. i guess this is what happens when you start getting old. i decided to race anyway. the tightness went away at the start. i guess i felt too good. i hit the mile in 545 (too fast for my fitness level) and was already slowing down. i suffered thru the rest of it around 630 pace. the old hamstring is tight but not worse than before i ran.

sun 7 with the kid. sore but not as bad as i expected.

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