Sunday, September 6, 2015

8 31 to 9 6

mon 3 miles at practice. worked on the trail after. bowling was ok. had a 247 and a 223 but nothing else was good.

tues maybe 2 miles. at least i ran kinda fast. did 3x400 on the course with the team. i ran 78 78 77. the kid was 78 78 79. worked on the trail till dark. its almost race ready. im beat.

weds 100p 300c

thurs 10 miles, started out fast and it felt easy. the humidity slowly took its toll. didn't bonk but just kept getting a little slower.

fri ran the 1 mile time trial on the xc course with the team (613). its about a minute slower than a mile on the track. the kid was 618. ran hard and he was right on me the whole time. felt tired and was just waiting to get caught but it didn't happen. i wanted him to beat me. i guess he just didn't have it today. 100p, pullups 5 sets of 8. cant do as many as i used to but its more than i could do a month ago.

sat 10 with rocko

sun 6 with the kid and rocko. feet are sore. need a day off and some new walking around shoes.

32 miles this week

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