Tuesday, September 29, 2015

9 21 to 9 27

mon couldnt run. the old knee was really sore all day. didn't do anything to it, this is just what happens sometimes. starting to feel better at night, but not good enough to run. 100p, 300c, dips.

tues knee was better today. took advil and ran a little at the race today. the kid won, close to a course record and didn't have to work too hard to do it. 1242 for 2 miles. exactly how we wanted it to go, since he has a big race on saturday. we also had the 1st place girl, and the rest of the kids ran as well or better than i expected.

weds 6 miles felt good until the last 5 minutes. the trail finished down a steep downhill. that was bad news for my knee. it got really sore and i had to go slow. it stopped hurting as soon as i finished the run. probly a good sign. i did 2 sets of pullups 8, 10. after practice 7 or 8 kids were waiting to get picked up and they were getting bored. i said lets see if you guys can do more pullups than me. i think i can do 12. they each took a turn. the total was 15. last year i wouldve had it easy. i surprised myself by doing 16. bowling was good. i averaged 194 on an oil pattern thats supposed to be about 20 pins tougher than the usual one.

thurs 3 miles at practice. after that i wanted to take rocko out for a run but my knee wasnt feeling too

fri decided ill take a few days off to see if it helps.

sat the kid had a race against some good comp and got 3rd (1202 for 2 mi). he finished a little closer to that kid who already beat him twice (started the season 49 sec back, now down to 26). most of the team got their best times.

sun still resting the knee. its sort of getting better.

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