Wednesday, October 21, 2015

10 12 to 10 18

mon 10 miles. 4 at practice, 6 with sontag, rocko and cookie. rocko was going crazy. within the first 5 minutes he treed something (probly a squirrel) and then caught up to us by running about 400m in what seemed like 15 seconds. he was on high alert the whole time and seemed like he sprinted almost all of it. i haven't seen him run like that in a long time. he didn't look like hes almost 9 years old. it was fun to watch.

tues 4 at practice. did some 800s on a dirt road near the school (252 249). i was tired and the kid didnt feel good either, so we didn't push it.

weds 2 miles at practice.

thurs felt good. 5 miles 32:42

fri the kids had a race. a lot of good times. the kid ran 1110 for 2 miles. i was surprised when he said he felt flat out there. maybe it means that after an easy week hes going to run out of his mind at the state meet. hope so. i also have two fast girls that ran 1308 and 1335.

sat felt good again. 6 miles 39 min

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