Monday, October 5, 2015

9 28 to 10 4

mon took advil and ran 3 at practice. knee was ok. pullups, pushups.

tues 7 with sontag and wolves (rocko, cookie). knee felt weird but not painful.

weds 3 at practice. the kid beat me in an 800.

thurs 3 at practice. the knee is feeling better. didnt have to take advil for this one.

sat good race for the whole team. 7 teams in all, one of them is a contender at states. we got 3rd for girls and 4th for boys. the kid ran 1104 for 1.9 miles and got 4th. that was a few sec faster than a kid i had who ended up 2nd in the state 5 years ago. safe to say the competition has gotten way better since then.

sun goose pond 10 in 68. felt good. bowling 628 series 216 197 215.

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