Monday, October 12, 2015

10 5 to 10 11

mon 3 at practice. sore and tired legs. knee was ok. if it stays like this i can deal with it and keep running.

tues worked on the xc course. big race for the kid against a kid who beat him by 1 second last race, and kid that was 6 sec behind him. im sure using 'kid' that many times is confusing but i can't use names.

weds the kid went out hard and held on pretty good but the kid who got him last time held on a little better. the other kid ran great too. their times were 1222, 1228, 1237. its way faster than it seems. our course is really hard. ive only run it under 12 one time and i was in good shape when i did it. all 3 guys have a great shot to be top ten at the state meet. i also had 2 girls that ran the fastest times for girls this year on our course (1457, 1523). everyone else on my team beat their best times too. im feeling good about it.

thurs 12 knee felt good by recent standards, so i went for it. i ran hard for 6 at the colony preserve, then did 6 at stonewall farm with sontag, rocko and cookie.

fri 3 at practice

sat 7 with the kid and rocko.

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