Monday, October 26, 2015

10 19 to 10 25

tues 3 at practice

weds goose 10 in 65:53. legs felt good, knee did not.

thurs/fri knee was too sore to run

sat knee still sore. ran around a lot at the state meet. i did some number crunching and figured it to be 2.1 miles. the kid ran 11:34 and got 7th in a race that was by far the most competitive top 10 in the 11 years that ive been there. he was only 4 seconds away from 3rd. i was really hoping he would get around them at the end, but i could tell he gave everything he had. he always does. really happy for him. not just because he worked hard this summer. also because of the disappointment he had to deal with last season. he worked hard that summer too and looked like a top 20 guy but got hurt and finished 74th. having that bad luck last year makes this year even better. he was fired up. hard work pays off. my other 8th grade boy ran the race of his life and finished 22nd. i didn't expect him to be any higher than 60th. my top girl was also 22nd, and my next girl was 49th. it might not sound very good but at this race, top 100 is solid, and top 50 is good, top 25 is very good, and top 10 is amazing.

sun knee doesn't feel good

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