Tuesday, December 1, 2015

11 23 to 11 29

mon did something weird to my knee at practice. it kept getting tighter at night. hope i can still run the turkey trot at school tomorrow. i have to feel good cuz im racing against the kid. if im off, i will lose.

tues knee was really sore and tight when i woke up. i wasn't sure if id be able to run. i took 8 advil and put a ton of icy hot on it. when i was warming up i still felt tight but it didn't hurt much. it got loose once the race started. the kid ran right next to me and responed to even the slightest pace increases. at halfway he was still right there and seemed fine. i couldn't go any faster. i knew i had to get a lead at some point cuz theres no way i could outkick him. i figured my last chance was to hammer the short, steep hill (took about 15 sec) at about 3/4 of mile. i got to the top and he was still there. coming down the other side i was able to pull away. we ran the 1.2 mile course in 606 and 613. i don't think there was any point i could've gone faster. the kid ran great. i wanted him to beat me, but i know he'd never want me to let him win. it was good be able give my best effort (thanks advil) cuz the kid deserved a shot to beat me when i felt good. id have felt like i let him down if i was too sore to run hard. tomorrow im sure theres going to be more than enough sore to go around.

weds planet fitness. legs are killer sore. im going to need a few days off.

sun finally woke up feeling normal. waiting one more day.


  1. 8 Advil? Be careful! That crap isn't good for you. Nice race though

  2. yeah your right, ace. I did it for the kid. I couldn't just show up and limp jog 8 min pace. after all the work we put in this year he deserved the chance to beat the best I could do. I had to do that for him.