Thursday, November 25, 2010

i have issues

11 miles. 1:11. there was supposed to be a 5 mile race in there, but considering the time i ran, i can hardly consider it a race. i had to change my usual goals due to my disaster at lil rhody a few days ago. at that race i felt terrible, and didnt keep trying to push it. i knew my time was going to suck so i shut it down early and finished comfortably, 4 minutes slower than last year. racing like that isnt going to get me back to where i was last year. today the goals were to (1)feel good and to (2)stay tough. i didnt want to worry about time, because then it would get the negative thoughts going. that never helps if you want to run fast. my legs didnt feel that great (again), so goal 1 was not going to happen. i managed to put that out of my head for most of the race, and i did a pretty good job of keeping the positive thoughts going. i kept pushing despite seeing splits on my watch that should have felt kind of easy. i got a little soft the last minute when i should have been trying to kick, but i met goal 2 about 90% anyway. im not pleased but with the race, but at least i dont have a totally horrible feeling about how it went (even though last year i ran 28:14 and this year i ran 30:03). i dont feel even close to being ready for indoor, but thats another problem for another day. its time to start thinking about stuffing, mashed potatoes, and chromium replacement.


  1. Cheer up have the right attitude and it is DEF time to think about stuffing, mashed and chromium....lots and lots of chromium....don't take life to'll never get out alive.

  2. I was expecting the title to be "I have Ish".