Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hater-Ade is not officially recognized as a healthy sports drink substitute

track workout...

...but first...

...i will now address the minions (err...followers) who have clearly consumed more than their fill of the diabolical substance pictured below.

ok ive had my fun. i fully expected a couple of nasty comments, and i got them, welcomed them in fact, (i laughed, which caused me to almost micturate my pants while reading), then strongly considered doing nothing about it, but thought better of it. so i guess ill put the workout times up there. the hater-ade hammetts no longer need to continue their alternative hydration methods. please resume drinking gatorade like the rest of us. well at least until tomorrow.

warm up
cool down
11 mile total

i was supposed to go another lap on the 2nd 12 and the 2nd 8. i wanted to finish them but i could feel the signs of rigging coming quick so i stopped. with a large group of friends watching, theres no need to suffer thru what would have been at least 200m of ambulatory paralysis, the kind of rig that is so loud that everyone wishes they had those giant headphone earmuffs like the guys that hold the orange lite-up sticks on the airport runways, but they cant get them because we're not at an airport, we're at a high school track and no one would ever be carrying any of those things with them at a track, so all anyone can do is jam their fingers into their ears until they feel the wetness of their brain and either watch in horror or turn away in disgust as their friend staggers down the final straight looking not so much like a runner but more like one of the zombies from shaun of the dead. anyway, that type of disaster doesnt help you get faster and its just about the worst thing you could make your friends have to see. at least in public. if you can think of anything worse, by all means dont hold back. this could get interesting. also i must say congrats to you on having read the world's longest non run-on sentence. church.


  1. Nice workout. I love workouts. You did a good workout. It's fun to workout. Keep up the good workouts. I can't wait to read your race reports!

  2. Wow!! I enjoy the graphic anecdotal information. Keep up the sarcasm.