Saturday, November 20, 2010

taking a break from taking advil

i decided to take it easy the last few days in the hopes that a nagging injury will go away. for the last month ive had annoying plantar fascitis. here is a brief summary of how each day of that month went: wake up, get the feeling like im stepping on a rock barefoot, limp around at work til about noon, eat lunch, take advil, start my run two hours later, feel discomfort in my foot, finish the run anyway, repeat the next morning. yes that does mean ive been taking advil every day. if i didnt, i wouldnt have been able to run. i was also icing and rolling a tennis ball under my foot. doing all that made it so i could keep training, but i knew i would have to rest it at some point. hopefully, the time off from running will heal my foot. hopefully, the time off from advil will delay the eating away of the lining of my digestive system (or whatever the hell happens as a result of long term advil snacking. everyone tells me a different crappy result. if you feel compelled to offer your medical advice that i will scoff at and ignore, be my guest. yes, i am aware that i am a richard). the time off should also give me fresh legs for the race tomorrow. of course, racing means i will be back on the sauce. advil. well, i made it three days without it. waxicula. i mean whatever.


  1. Back in 1987 I used to chill at Richmond elementary school with a kid named Waxicula. In 2nd grade I traded him 36 advil (packaged in a Sweet Tarts wrapper) for a Roger Clemens rookie card. Wax died two days later.

  2. PS-my word was just "sionisi". Not sure what THAT means but sounds like a potential Lil Rhody Runaround injury.