Sunday, April 10, 2011

paintball awards

as far as running was concerned, it was not a good weekend for me, but thats not an issue right now. in terms of friends, paintball, guitars, and chromium loading, it was officially the best weekend ever. after we finished shooting stuff, i was given the award for 'least aggressive player', based on my style of play (stay in the back, shoot at things i cant see). that might sound like a crapper of an award, but of the two given out that day, i got the better one. the other award went to ferenc for 'most times shot in the neck'. i guess i should give out an additional award to greg for 'most accurate impression of a pile of leaves'. the resemblance was spot-on.


  1. I thought Greg's award would be 'most accurate impression of a bullet wound'. That shot he took to the ribs was spot-on.

  2. i agree. i thought the same the thing while i was at work today. greg will also receive the 'best bullet wound' award.