Monday, April 11, 2011

4 11 to 4 17

monday- track drills, capture the flag, 12 miles at goose pond/drummer hill. great to be out in the woods again. i couldnt believe how hot i felt, even in the shade. it was only in the 70s but it felt like 100. i was really sore and tired from track practice, but it was still an awesome day out there.

tuesday  pm-track drills, 12-15x 200 (lost count) at practice, averaged 35 sec, 5 miles total. late night- 5 miles, with the hopes it would shake out a ton of soreness from the workout. it helped a little.

weds- 2 miles, i.t. band was wicked tight. stopped to stretch but it didnt help. the stopping just made it worse. it getting hard to bend my knee so i stopped before ended up as bad as ferenc was on saturday. i havent had much trouble with this area before, so hopefuully it wont be a big deal.

thurs- 7  still tight, but at least i could run a little

friday- 2 miles, knee sore

sat/sun- decided to give it the weekend to heal and hopefully i can get back to regular training starting tomorrow

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  1. Nothing heals a knee better than slow exploring in the woods with dirty milk based snacks down in Rhody...