Wednesday, April 27, 2011

4 25 11 to 5 1 11

mon 7mi with ferenc's dogs. lena tried to eat a porcupine. not a good a idea. had to pull some quills out of her chin. by the time i get there its almost dark so its going to be tough to get a good week of training.
tues 8mi good tempo, bad sleeping. two dogs in a bed is tough. i wake up about 20 times a night. i am so friggin tired. i will be sick by the end of the week.
weds 0mi track meet didnt get back til 9, at least my team kicked some ass.
thurs 0mi couldnt stay awake at work, left early, stopped at my house to take a nap. only one more night with these dogs waking me up every half hour.
fri 0mi zombie mode again
sat 5 mi finally got some sleep
sun 12 mi tempo feel ok again. shitty week of training, gotta get back to the 70-80 range


  1. Simple solution--ask yourself: "What would Muddy do?" Run all night and skip work and sleep during the day!!