Thursday, April 21, 2011

cool run, deer slaughterfest skeleton collection, pond tsunami

me, jonny, and matty p ran some trails near arcadia. we met at beach pond, and we were met by hurricane conditions. the wind was gusting so hard that the waves on the pond were big enough to crash up over the rocks, and the mist from the surf was spraying all the way to the road. usually you dont see that when youre at least a half hour drive from the ocean. on to the running: there were tons of cool spots with tight turns, steep ups and downs, technical single tracks, and also some dirt roads where we could run fast. the dirt road came at the best time because we came across headless deer skeletons on the side of the road, and one of the kills looked kinda fresh, and we didnt want to be next, so the highly runnable terrain helped us get away fast. for the next two miles i felt like i was being hunted. i tried to play it cool but i was scared. too bad i wasnt alone- i would have finally gone under ten minutes for 2 miles. also there was a breakdown in trail marking because in one area, the obnoxious loggers decided to cut all the trees with yellow paint and it took us about 20 minutes to find the trail again. in spite of all that, it was an awesome run. its also possible that matty doesnt hate trails anymore. totals- 13 miles, 1:40


  1. Several things Boj:
    1.Even rednecks have to eat protein too. I saw the same thing once on a college trip to Tiajuana but they weren't deer. Perhaps the Menendez Drug Cartel has now reached across the Rio Grande all the way to the RI/CT border.

    2. Is that the same Matt P. that is "the fast Matt P" guy that always wins races around here (a.k.a. the Running Heritage Matt P)? If so, wow. That's like me saying I did a recovery run in Arcadia the other day with Haile Gebrselassie. You're so pimp.

    3. Glad that while I was working like a slave you guys were out having fun in the woods. So jealous.

    Sounds fun.

  2. 1. Good summary of the run. I told Jonny I would run trails again the next time you're in town.

    2. The deer carcasses really weren't THAT scary

    3. I've never been in the same paragraph as Haile Gebreselaisse. Thanks Muddy!