Monday, November 14, 2011

11 14 to 11 20

mon ran a hard tempo (11.5-12 mi effort) in 1:11. had the gazelles (hammett, fyffe, najem) pushing me the whole way. started out to fast and had to work hard to not fall apart the last few miles. it was getting dark in the woods at the end and it def cost us a min or two. i admit taking to advil for this one. i had to do it cuz my foot was killing me all day and i needed to do this workout. i will not get sucked into taking it every day, though. good run, 13 miles total.
tues 12
weds no workout, really dead legs, felt terrible pretty much everywhere, no sense in killing the confidence with a bad workout
thurs 6
fri 10 felt better
sun 8 mile trail race 49:29 it was an ok race. i was hoping to run a minute faster but oh well. 12 miles total.

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