Monday, November 7, 2011

11 7 to 11 13

Mon 11 railbed tempo 9.5 miles 56:12 my plan was to get into it right away and run very hard on the way out, then try to stay under control on the way back with whatever I still had in the tank. (2910/2702) so I was able to do what I planned and got my best time in two years. Feeling good about my fitness, which a big change compared to a few months ago.
tues 8 felt better than I expected. Just some soreness in my foot and hamstring. If its still there tomorrow ill have to be careful not to go too hard in the workout. Not too concerned tho.
weds workout 16/8/8/4/4/4/4, 400 rest. 505 234 234 75 74 75 72. I was pleased. Good to have most of the group back out there again. Much to our surprise, dillos was closed so we had to go somewhere else. Finding out it was closed due to running out of food was almost as shocking as the time subway closed cuz they ran out of bread.
fri 12 felt ok, almost recovered from the workout. ran some more on the trails near my house. ive only been out there a few times but i can tell its a heavily hunted area, based on the atv tracks, hardly any no trespassing signs, and random whiffs of cigarettes. tuesday i heard one of those fake bird call things (turkey, duck, i dont know what the hell kind of bird sounds like that), and started to run the other way. a minute later i heard the gunshots, and thought 'wish this bright yellow shirt was bulletproof'. today i saw a 4 wheeler with no one near it, and further down the trail there were some crushed beer cans (seeing that worried me, mostly because i thought of all the dumb things ive done after drinking too much, and i didnt even have a gun any of those times). also, i kept thinking i heard people. i was starting to think i was crazy for hearing voices, but as soon as i got off the trails and back on the railbed, i passed some hunters dragging out a deer. i started to feel bad for the deer but then i changed my mind. it could have been me. i might need to stay out of there for a while, but new trails are always so damn cool. i cant decide if its way more or way less than what im making of it.
sat 13 workout on the railbed 4x 0.95 mi 518 500 455 502 i felt really flat out there but i still got the work in, and ran times that im pleased with (too bad theyre not mile times but it was still a good workout). i usually only do 3, but i wanted to see what i could come up with when i was already really worked. big time bonk on the cooldown. i stopped at mclays after, and i could barely talk when they asked me what i wanted to eat. taking an easy day tomorrow. sloppy joe tacos are awesome.


  1. Bangin' out some very solid times in the workout, Boj!! Great job!!

  2. Boj. Nice workouts. Can't wait till Lil' Rhody. Went to Dillos the day after Greg's wedding for lunch. They were out of fish for fish tacos and sour cream. Also, there were pumpkins smashed everywhere outside and Keene looked like a dump.

    Bye now.

  3. muddy- thanks man. its good to be back.
    jonny- much like myself, main st in keene always looks like shit the day after pumpkinfest. also, you didnt miss much if you were gonna get fish tacos. i got them last week and for the money, it was a disappointment. they tasted good but the amount of food was insultingly small.

  4. Yo, boj, I don't know if you've heard, but dillios has been sold. I don't know if it's going to change or stay the same.