Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11 21 to 11 27

mon am 5, pm 11. felt way better than i was expecting to feel.
tues easy 5
thurs 13 with 5 mile race 2947 felt more like a tempo, just couldn't get into race effort. my workouts have been a lot harder effort-wise than my last two races. maybe it's only because its been months since I raced with any kind of reasonable fitness. hopefully things will come around once i get more used to racing again.
sat 5 easy
sun 11 track workout 5x400, 100 rest 78,77,78,77,77, 800 rest, mile 528, 800 rest, 5x300, 100 rest 57,57,55,55,55, 800 rest, 5x200, 200 rest 35,35,34,33,31. i was supposed to do a 1200 before the 2's and an 800 after but i had nothing in the tank so i bagged it. oh well. im pleased with the times on what I was able to do.

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