Thursday, January 5, 2012

1 2 12 to 1 8 12

mon 18 total. am 10, 62 min. pm 8 easy
weds 11 workout 5x400 81 100 rest, 1600 538, 5x300 58 100 rest. i still has a 1200, 5x200 and an 800 to do but everyone was already done and waiting for me, so decided to end it so i could cool down and go to dinner with them. i would have liked to go faster but i thought my workout was going to be longer. i was just starting to get in the zone but no prob tho, still a 5k worth of speed.
thurs 14 easy. took a chance on getting lost in the dark on an unfamiliar stretch of trails (forgot headlamp). it was almost 415 and i probly should have turned around 15 min earlier but i really wanted to see if  the trail i was on would connect to the railbed. i banked on it and got lucky. at about 430 i popped out on the railbed and then it was all good. it got dark a few min after that but the snow seemed to make it easier to see. we only got about an inch, which is all ill ever want.
fri 13 night run grafton power lines
sun 14 in 1:32, middle 10 in 62
70 on 5 days. me llamo mike!

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