Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1 23 to 1 29

mon 10 felt terrible, but it was my own fault. too much post run fun sunday and the day off work equals headache til 4 pm.
tues 12
weds workout 8x400, 4x200, full rest 78,77,78,75,76,74,72,72,34,34,33,32 ran kind of a lot the last few days and had tired legs during the warmup, so i wasnt expecting much. after the first one i started to feel like I could i get on it and finish in the low 70's. i guess i did it. feel pretty good about it. 11 miles.
sat 10k trail race in rhody. didnt go too great. i felt good for the first 2 miles then i went off course for a few seconds. i came to a dead stop to try to figure out where to go, and as i was backtracking i saw 4 guys pass me and totally pull away. that defeated me. i just couldnt get the legs going again. i ran the next 3 miles without breathing heavy and feeling totally frustrated. at the 5 mile mark i decided to stop being a pussy and i ran strong the rest of the way. at least i won some beer. muddy and jonny had great races. 16 miles total.
sun 12 felt some achilles pain, tendintis, not bursitis.

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