Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1 16 to 1 22

mon 16 in the snow. finally not sore from basketball. saw a huge owl. fun run.
tues 6
weds 12 not that pleased with the workout but still got in almost 4 miles of speed (I use that term loosely, cuz I wasn't going very fast). i did 5x400 at 3k pace 100 rest 82 81 80 81 78, 600 rest, mile at 10k pace 537, 600 rest, 5x300 at mile pace 100 rest 57 58 58 58 56, 600 rest, 1200 at 5k pace 418 (10 sec slower than goal), then I was done. i still had an 800 and 5x200 but the calf pain that was bugging me the whole time got really bad, so bagged it. rule 17 don't be a hero. shutting down was smart cuz I didn't make the injury worse, and I doubt id have run well considering how slow I was on the 1200. ill try to end this on a positive note- I was pleased with how just a 100 rest was enough to get me recovered on the shorter stuff.
thurs 12 had to go slow until the tight calf loosened up. i wanted to add on some more miles but I was only a mile from home when it got better and I was wicked hungry. so I went home and ate dinner. if it's not sore tomorrow ill know I made the right call.
sat 13 went slow, a lot of ice on the trails and not quite enough snow to keep from slipping. still fun. only about 15 degrees but i never got cold so that was good.
sun 18 w hammett fyffe and ferenc. got killed on the big climb but did good everywhere else. managed 620 last mile. good week. 77 miles

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