Monday, January 9, 2012

1 9 to 1 15

mon 14 found some nasty hills on the trails near my house. fun.
tues 10
thurs 14 2x(3k-2k-1k) at half marathon pace, 10 mile race pace, and 10k pace, 2 min rest, 4 min set rest. ran on the railbed instead of the track. we got a few inches of snow so there was no point in trying to hit the right times on the track. this was more of an effort based workout. the snow only slowed me down a little. solid effort.
fri/sat stayed overnight at school to chaperone the 8th graders. played hoops til 4am. 7 hours total. probably not a good idea. im gonna be sore.
sun entire body is hurting. im sore everywhere. its hard just walking around the house. it was worth it tho. i had fun ballin with the kids. some of them are really good.


  1. Boj could this mean marathon??? yea yea yea!!

  2. eh prob not. depends on the entry fee. marathons arent cheap. I doubt ill be willing to drop a hundred bucks on it. guess ill have to look into that.

  3. ya its 100 bucks. im not gonna pay that. sorry chirp.