Friday, July 6, 2012

7 2 to 7 8

tues 10 at ryan park with jonny, fun run
weds 7 great day of wiffle ball and chromium.
thurs gonna try a mac the knight tribute post. here we go. 755am- snooze. 805am- snooze. 815am- snooze. i wanted to get up at 8 to watch the tour de france, but i couldnt will myself to get up. no big deal tho. i love summer. 830am- pete thomas called to say he dropped off my security deposit. i did will myself to get up for that. 450 bucks. cha ching! headed to the bank to deposit the check and some cash that i made painting last week. went to shaws to get supplies to make chinchilla. tortillas, chicken, mango salsa, peppers, onions, corn, 4 kinds of beans, franks red hot buffalo, ranch. also picked up coffee and half & half. only cost 30 bucks. bam! home at 10am for coffee and to watch the finish of stage 5. it was a good one. there was a big crash with only about a min left, but still most of the peloton survived. they caught the leaders about ten seconds from the finish line and passed them like they were standing still. exciting. then i chilled in my room and played some madden. then i made lunch. chinchilla burrito. so good. pooped (thank you coffee). brett came back from his run, then plankey and chance came over. watched them play call of duty. brett showed us his air rifle. it had a sweet scope on it. we went in the backyard to shoot it. we dont have a big yard so im not sure if it was the best idea with the houses so close. i guess it didnt matter since we were on target with all of our shots. the tin cans and jug of water didnt stand a chance. if i had been out hunting, and the cans were im full of shit. i couldnt shoot a deer. theyre too effing cute. after shooting, they left to go run. i played some more madden. 545pm left for glenns hinsdale fun run. thomas went with me. 3 mile warmup. 1 mile hard effort on grass (5:46). 1 mile easy. tried to race the 2.3 mile but it didnt happen. the best i could do was almost tempo pace (about 6:45). cooled down for 20 min. 10 miles on the day. the mile time was faster than i ran last year. the 2.3 wasnt even close. no worries. i did the best i could do. went with glenn and gina to get pizza and chromium replacement. thomas had the best beer he ever tasted, probly cuz he had been starving for the last 3 hours. home at 945. watched tv for a few hours. checked out the blogosphere. read about goupil getting a girls digits. will have to get the whole story from him tomorrow. bed at 130am. got the most i could out of the day. damn it took forever to type all of that. how does macknight do it every day?
fri 8 stonewall farm trails
sat 10 unexpected 25 min climb on this one. didnt reach the top. will have to go back sometime to finish that one.
sun 16 slow and easy
61 miles total