Monday, July 23, 2012

7 23 to 7 29

mon 13 in saxtons river, tough run, crushed 25 wings after. washed it down with some chromium.
weds 14 w/8 100m strides, still feel tired from mondays run
thurs 13 hinsdale fun run. went into it really tired, but ended up doing ok.
fri 15 miles total. couldnt get to sleep the whole night, ended up running 10 miles at 530 am. it was really cool running over the dam in the fog and rain. slept from 8am to noon. still tired. pm 5.
sat 12 okemo mountain 10 miler. this was as tough as anything ive ever done. it was over 3 miles up to the top, about half way down the other side, then back the same way to the finish. doing the clearing twice was easier even though it was two hours longer. im expecting to be super tired and really sore tomorrow.
sun easy 4 both piriformis were sore, probably from pounding the pavement down the steep sections. ill estimate it at 15% grade. felt better as the run went on. surprisingly, i didnt feel tired, so that was cool. i wouldve kept going but im gonna try to get four hours tomorrow so i wanted to make sure ill be rested. solid week, 71 miles.

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