Monday, July 9, 2012

7 9 to 7 15

mon hiked mt monadnock with greg, glenn, and slim. then we got burgers, nachos, and chromium replacement. then we played home run derby. great day.
tues 17 with ferenc, found some new trails, felt way better than i expected.
weds 12 total 9 with ferenc, 3 with the weds workout crew. didnt feel tired from yesterdays run, which is a good sign. mc glenn came over to chill. chromium. great day. probly gonna be tired at the fun run tomorrow. no prob.
thurs 8 glenns fun run, 30 sec faster than last week for the 2.3 mi
sat 7
sun 28 did the clearing twice with a small add-on in robin hood park. settled into an easy pace and was able to keep it going the whole time. the climbs were tougher the second time, but not unbearable. it was humid, but it wasnt that hot, only about 80. had aid stations set up ahead of time, which helped a lot. really hungry after, so i gut gorged. dominos chicken, jalapeno and pineapple sandwich right after. chili nachos for dinner. chromium. finally satisfied my hunger. another great day. summer is the best.
72 on 5 days. me llamo mike.