Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8 13 to 8 19

mon 10
tues am 10, pm 4
weds pm 5, late pm 11 with big dave. fun run.
thurs took a zero after seeing i had run 89 in the last 7. instead i worked at my grandparents house. i scraped the peeling shingles, pulled out the rotten ones and painted. spent a lot of time up on a ladder. i was up at the peak of the second story and kind of zoning out on my work when the neighbors pulled into the driveway and beeped. this totally freaked me out and i almost fell. kind of scary. my landing options were either rocks or a picket fence. good thing i didnt fall. other than that, i really enjoyed the work. i was using oil paint and didnt have much paint thinner left after cleaning the brushes. this meant i wasnt able to wash all of it off me, so now im kind of green. maybe i look like a smaller version of the hulk. probably not, though. tomorrow im gonna try for over 4 hours again, then its off to pennsylvania for my cousins graduation party. if theres one thing my family does well, its maintain their chromium levels. should be fun. i havent found any good places to run down there yet, but maybe this time i will.
fri 26 really had a hard time on this one. i was feeling tired way too early and fell off the pace a ton, so i pulled the plug. i came up 6 miles and about 45 min short of what i was looking for. i guess if thats a bad day, im doing ok.
sat 10 found my way out of the neighborhood and away from the highway and found some decent places to run. a lot of farms, rolling hills. not much traffic. way better than i was expecting. had no soreness and hardly and any fatigue from yesterday. nice. hot tub. chromium.
sun 11 went out to the farms and backroads again. hot tub. chromium.
87 miles total. good stuff.

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