Thursday, August 9, 2012

8 6 to 8 12

mon tired, not sore, biked 12 miles while ferenc and naj did a workout. wings.
tues 12 total. pm 8 took rocko for a run, which is always fun. unbelievable how athletic that dog is. felt good, i guess going slow on long runs really works as far as quick recovery goes. late pm 4.
weds 13 total. 530 am 6 miles. after 3 nights of awesome sleep, of course i didnt get any last night, so i went for a run. attempted to sleep after from 8 am to about 1 or 2 in the aft. didnt happen. kept getting phone calls. up at 1130. watched olympics, ate lunch. slept again from 330 to 530. pm 7 took rocko out for a few.
thurs 14 total. early pm 6. late pm 8 hinsdale fun run, tired
fri 7
sat 14
sun 14 total. am 7, pm 7 felt good so i ran faster on the climbs. world record for above the shoulders spider webs. all over the face and in my mouth countless times. they were kind of sticky. if you started to go to a bad place in your mind, its ok. dont fight it. just let it happen. if youre as big of a fan as i am of saying 'thats whats she said', i just made your day. side note- i think splitting up the miles this week helped with recovery from the 4 hour run, as well as keeping the pace under control. 74 miles. cool.

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  1. Nice week dude. Keep it up. See ya in a couple weeks at Alumni?