Sunday, August 5, 2012

7 30 to 8 5

mon 14 i was going for 4 hours but was still feeling really tired from the okemo race. i had nothing on the climbs so i bagged it just short of 2 hours. i dont want to take a day or two off but its the smart thing to do.
thurs 13 hinsdale fun run. still not feeling good, but managed a good time in the mile (543) even though the course was really slow with very thick grass. i had no energy going into the 2.3 so i just ran it instead of racing.
fri am 5 with glenn and jimmy. i was tired and glenn was on the verge of puking the whole time, so we limp jogged. i still had fun. pm 5
sat 4 feeling better
sun 30 (4:01:30) really needed to get this done to feel like ill be ready for the 50k. felt better the second half of the run. kept the pace easy so it wouldnt take all week to get recovered.

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  1. I wish you divulged a little more info about the classic Troy to Nelson loop. But with a pathetic blog like mine, I can't really complain.