Thursday, August 23, 2012

8 20 to 8 26

mon 0  the weekend festivities have taken their toll on me. i couldnt do anything today.
tues 10 felt better, except for some achilles bursitis. its been a while since this was a problem. ill have all day to rest it since ill be sitting in a car for a 5 hour trip back to rhody tomorrow.
weds 14 when i started, i could tell i would soon be in bathroom emergency mode. i realized i had no tp. this is a rare mistake for me. only fyffe brings more tp than i do. i started to look for ferns along the sides of the trail. i was moving kinda fast and not really watching where i was going. i jammed my toe on a root and went down hard. i got right up and kept running. i was covered in dirt. soon i had more problems. i had to start looking for ferns again. i stubbed the same toe again. that one took a few minutes to run off. this was becoming a really shitty run. the bursitis was worse than yesterday and continued to get worse over the first 3 miles. usually this is a sign that ill be walking back to the car. for the first time ever, it gradually went away. i could hardly feel it by the end. that was all i needed to turn it into a good run.
thurs finished painting, drove back to nh. hinsdale fun run 9 miles total. no problems with bursitis. cool.
fri am 6 in putney, pm 7 grafton pond
sat 17 putney mountain

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