Sunday, August 16, 2015

8 10 to 8 16

mon 7 with the kid and rocko. didn't wake up in time to eat. i was hungry and feeling tired. i lost focus for a few seconds and the kid dropped me on a climb 45 min into it. it took a lot to reel him in. good sign for him, not good for me. bowling was mostly good games. 205 210 164 201 185 217 227 221. lost in the finals of the tournament, but won ten bucks for the best series in qualifying (665).

tues 10 solo. kind of a crappy run. i felt ok early, then struggled to finish.

weds 5 with rocko and the kid. legs felt like @$#%. not running tomorrow. bowling was good (608 series). finished the league with a 199 average.

thursday took rocko for a 2 hour walk. other than that i was lazy.

fri 100p, 300c. that used to be what i did on a day off, but you gotta start somewhere.

sat 7 with the kid and rocko. got new shoes and it made a huge difference. i felt good. we saw some deer and about 20 turkeys. rocko was going crazy. good thing i had him on a leash. if not we might still be looking for him.

sun 6 miles, 100p, 300c, some pullups.

35 miles this week.

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