Sunday, August 30, 2015

8 24 to 8 30

mon 6 with the kid, 100p. bowling was ok (212 196 201).

tues 7 miles, ran kinda fast. been feeling better lately, so its time to start doing more of that.

weds worked on the xc course at school. 100p 300c. bowling was bad. no good games. need to get some work done on the thumbhole of the new ball so it doesn't hurt every time i swing it back.

thurs 10 miles. after school ran 6 with the kid. 2x1500m on the railbed 530 517. the kid was 533 534. couldn't drop him on the first one. i felt better on the second one. after that did 4 miles with sontag and rocko.

fri 100p, 300c, some pullups

sat 300c 100 dips, more pullups

sun 8 miles. worked on the trail at school. built two bridges with pallets and plywood. saw a kid i coached 10 years ago. he asked if i needed an assistant cross country coach. hope that works out.

31 miles 300p 900c

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