Monday, August 10, 2015

8 3 to 8 9

mon worked at the eagles house again. went bowling 212 193 208 209 208.

tues there was some sort of tornado-hurricane-thunderstorm thing early that morning and the power was out all day at the eagles house. this meant no electric sander. i had to sand a whole side of the house by hand. i was sore and tired and passed out early like the old man that i am.

weds finished painting and went back to keene. bowling was ok (184 213 199).

thurs 7 miles

fri 6 miles, did some pushups and dips

sat 6 miles with the kid. then i left for a hermathon. it was a good one.

sun chilled with rocko, did some pushups and crunches. maybe i can get back into it. i know i need to.

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