Sunday, August 23, 2015

8 17 to 8 23

mon 4 miles with rocko. bowling was less than ok. only had one good game. 178 229 202 192 161 194 190 185 202. lost in the finals of the tournament again.

tues 5 with the kid. we saw evidence of a sasquatch. maybe.

weds 100p 300c close game of wiffle (2-1). i couldnt hit anything, but my pitching kept me in it. greg pitched a really good game. i was lucky to hit his only bad pitch for a walk-off 2 run hr. bowling was ridiculous. it was the 2nd day with the new ball, and monday night had i learned a lot about how i needed to throw it. i started off with a 269, which was my best game ever. i was able to keep it going after that 236 207 235 206. i like the new ball.

thurs 10 with greg (i never call him that, it looks weird every time i see it). felt good but we didnt run fast. false alarm on the sasquatch. 100p 300c

fri 4 with rocko 100p 300c

sat 8 miles, 100p 300c

sun didn't do much. just some pullups

31 miles 400p 1200c


  1. We need more info regarding the squatch...

  2. eh I had it in there but when me and greg checked the spot a few days later we realized it wasn't a squatch, so I deleted it. there was an uprooted tree in the middle of a stream and no evidence of how the tree got there. we figured out later that a flood a few days earlier had probably left it there.