Monday, May 2, 2011

solid run, return of tetris

16 miles, 1:54. the clearing and concord hill add-on. theres a ton of climbs,and i worked hard on them. i didnt concern myself with anything but the climb i was on, which helped me keep the effort level where it needed to be. if im gonna get back to where i was last year, i need to have more days like this.

also, its been a while since any nintendo discussion has taken place, but i must say that i found the nintendo i had as a kid. it still had all my best tetris scores that i had written on the top of it.  i started playing again, and wow do i suck! i cant believe how good i used to be. i havent gotten within 100k of my high score from '95. im gonna keep at it, but i might need a new controller (one that doesnt have unpredictable b-button fail) if i expect to make a serious run at my old records.


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  2. was finding the nintendo like the movies, your in a attic and at the far corner under some old boxes there is a trunk when you open the trunk there is a weird glow and the nintendo is in there........oh by the way here is the artical the projo put out to BLOW up the trails.