Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 16 11 to 5 22 11

mon 7  felt decent, figured id feel bad after the long run yesterday. we did the easiest run in saxtons river (yes there is one) which helped me not feel terrible.
tues 7  12(?)x 200, 35 sec. with the team. i really felt sluggish, but i had to do it cuz the kids seemed like they would have dogged the workout if i didnt do it with them. i will probly be too sore for a wednesday workout.
weds 10  railbed with james. we settled into a good pace on the way back, and it helped wake my legs up. its a good sign when 620 pace feels good again.
thurs 13 ran the mountain with goup. really wet, slipping everywhere, should have worn trail shoes, dont know why we didnt.
fri  track meet, played basketball after
sat  tempo 10   65 min
sun 12 great run, felt no pain anywhere for the first time in i dont know how long.

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